Donate to CAREFY, a premier & Forever Free Fundraising Platform, designed for the Masses but with a strict Fundraiser qualification Program to ensure Donors’ Protection.


Note: We posted CAREFY to show the Full feature of our Fundraising Platform. This is a valid Fund Drive, please Donate and help us to Uplift Lives of our vulnerable citizens.

The tragic events brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic inspired us to build a Fundraising Platform. The Platform was named CAREFY because it was driven by CARE and the desire to HELP in any way possible. CAREFY is Forever Free which was designed for the Masses which don’t have a Bank account. Thru CAREFY, Fundraisers can immediately receive the funds in full thru Paypal, Bank and Money Transfer.

CAREFY  is a combination of Fundraising, Social Network, Marketplaces, Job Portal, Blogging and expect more platforms to come. The Performance and Security metrics indicates that our Platform is the Fastestmost Secure and Search Engine Optimized which means Google will rank your Fund Drive higher.

For Donors Protection, we have a Strict Fundraisers Qualification Program to eliminate Posers. We manually review and publish only valid and authenticated Fund Drives in our Platform. Furthermore, CAREFY has a Social Network wherein Fundraisers and Donors can connect, chat privately, become Friends and create Groups like in Facebook.

We don’t intend to make money out of CAREFY Fundraising because we want everyone who needs help can use it. But we are asking for Donations so that we can further develop it. Furthermore, to cover up for the server expenses and manpower needed to ensure a good community of Qualified Fundraisers will receive financial assistance from kind Donors.

We will develop its Social Media and other Platforms to boost traffic in CAREFY Fundraising and the Filipino Businesses.

Parting Words

We are committed to make CAREFY Fundraising Forever Free, because its potential to make a difference is Great. If you believe in our Cause, kindly Donate to Fund All the CAREFY Platforms. Together, we can Uplift more Filipino Lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the CAREFY Fundraising?

CAREFY is a Free, Fastest, most Secure and Flexible Fundraising Platform which is designed for the Masses. We combined the features of the other platforms which means CAREFY is Universal and can be used in any case that needs Financial Support. Whether your a Student, Parent, Sick Person, Organization or a Startup Company, CAREFY can make a Fundraising post for you. It has multiple Donation options like Paypal, Direct Bank and Money Transfer.

2. Why choose your Fundraising Platform?

The more Platforms you use is better but you must use CAREFY Fundraising. It is Forever Free, Designed for the Masses and Fundraisers can receive donations directly and instantly. We promote sending of funds bypassing the Paypal system and using Direct Money or Bank Transfer. Thru Direct Transfer you can avoid the Paypal commission for using their system and Fundraisers receive the Donations in Full.

See more FAQs here.

Money Transfer

Agency: Palawan Express
Name: Cernan Pangga
Address: 8927 Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna
Mobile: 0999 873 5033

Bank Transfer

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
Name: Divina Pangga
Account Number: 0919 201185
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Fundraiser Name:

CAREFY Platform


8927 Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Contact Number:


Valid ID Submitted:

Business Permit

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