Bayanihan Na! PPE Donation Drive by PGH.

Philippine General Hospital is asking support for more Supply of PPE to protect their Health Workers.


Note: This Fundraising Drive was initiated by a CAREFY volunteer because we need to protect our Frontliners! The PGH’s PPE supply is low and need our Donations.

Below is a short Profile of PGH from their website. Everyone already knows them, so we condensed it.


The country’s leader in transforming the lives of the people through excellent health care, education and research, accessible to all.


As the National University Hospital, we are committed to deliver globally-competitive, cost-effective, compassionate and accessible health care to the Filipinos, to provide world-class education to health professionals, and to generate relevant research that will impact on health policies.


In 1907, the Philippine Commission passed Act No. 1688 for the construction of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). PGH opened its doors to the public on September 1, 1910 under the administration of Hon. Dean C. Worcester as Secretary of the Interior and Dr. Victor G. Heiser as Director of Health. However, it was not until September 10, 1910 that PGH was formally inaugurated.

PGH was eventually linked to the UP College of Medicine (UPCM), then the Philippine Medical School. In 1914, PGH became a Division of the Bureau of Health, with the Dean of UPCM Dr. William Musgrave serving as its Division Chief.

From 1916 to 1936, PGH was placed under the first Filipino administration of Dr. Felipe Calderon, also UPCM Dean. In 1937, by virtue of the Department of Public Instruction Order No. 1, PGH was supervised and controlled by the Department of Public Instruction thru the Commissioner of Health and Welfare.

In 2012, PGH was given the Pro-active Programs Achievement Award in the two categories – Quality and Productivity Category and Family Welfare and Community Relations Programs Category by the Department of Trade and Industry – Center for Industrial Competitiveness in its annual Search for Model Companies. This award was given to companies that contribute to the national effort in the promotion of industrial peace and harmony, improved productivity, and competitiveness.

Today, PGH is considered the biggest modern government tertiary hospital in the Philippines, servicing more than 600,000 patients annually. It remains as the only national referral center for tertiary care, providing direct and quality patient services to thousands of indigent Filipinos all over the country.

Parting Message

Please support our Front liners at PGH by Donating Personal Protective Equipment and include them in our Prayers.

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