We love GMA Kapuso Foundation

We strongly believe in the GMA Kapuso Foundation, the most accomplished and credible non-government organization in the Philippines. We loved their program in helping sick and elderly people.


Note: This Fundraising Drive was initiated by a CAREFY volunteer. We strongly support GMA Kapuso Foundation because they are the most accomplished and supports countless sick people.

ABOUT GMA Kapuso Foundation on their Website

We are a non-government organization, composed of compassionate individuals brought together by our burning desire to be of service to our fellow Filipinos. It is a growing family with unceasing vision to elevate the current situation of the indigent sectors of our country. The foundation continues its involvement in humanitarian endeavors by launching diverse programs designed to meet the specific needs of impoverished Filipinos, by engaging individuals and by collaborating with different institutions and organizations. It is the essence of being a Kapuso. From its modest beginnings of being a relief-providing group, the foundation has evolved into an institution one in heart with all Filipinos. Today, it bears a name true to its nature: a responsible steward of trust, champion of the hopeless and those in need and dedicated to Filipinos – the GMA Kapuso Foundation.

We are the most accomplished, most trusted and most credible non-government organization in the Philippines; the leader in serving and uplifting the lives of the underprivileged members of our society through Serbisyong Totoo and the responsible use of media.

We uplift the lives of under privileged Filipinos all over the Philippines by: providing quick-response relief operations to fulfill the most immediate needs in times of crises; undertaking health, nutrition and medical projects to promote greater equity in health; carrying out developmental programs designed to promote education and foster learning.

We value our relationship with local, national, and international partners and recognize the impact they have in our capability to provide help to those who need it most.
We are committed in ensuring sustainable operations to enable us to continue being a “strong bridge” for our donors and beneficiaries by actively promoting the Foundation’s initiative to solicit sufficient funding.
In doing so, we effectively bridge the distance that comes between those who need help and those who extend a helping hand. As such, we recognize the power of media and its role in eliciting compassion and a sense of responsibility from our donors and in promoting volunteerism among Filipinos and shall continue to use it responsibly as a means to achieve our organization goals.

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GMA Kapuso Foundation is the most accomplished non-government organization in the Philippines. Please support all their Fundraising Drives especially those for our sick Kapuso.

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GMA Kapuso Foundation, Inc.


2nd Floor GMA Kapuso Center, GMA Network Drive cor. Samar Streets, Diliman, Quezon City

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