Our Goal is to reach out to All who needs financial support.

Using CAREFY is Forever Free & don’t need a Financial account to receive Funds.

Donors can send money directly to the Fundraiser & protected by our Fundraisers Qualification Program.

Best Fundraising Platform for the Filipino

CAREFY Fundraising is the best choice for individual, family and institutions needing immediate Financial assistance. Unlike the other Platforms, using CAREFY is Forever Free and can be used for as long as you need support.

CAREFY make it easy for our kind Donors to send Funds directly to the Fundraisers without having a CAREFY and Paypal account. We have a Strict Fundraisers Qualification Program and Guarantee that CAREFY can’t be used by posers to make easy money. We developed CAREFY to be a Social Media Platform wherein the Donors and Fundraisers can connect, become Friends and create Groups to increase engagements.

We hope thru the CAREFY Platforms, we can make a small difference and we guarantee that we will further develop it.

CAREFY Fundraising Platform

We Help to Generate Funds to All needing Financial Support

Whether your a Sick Person, Foundation, etc. who needs Financial Support, CAREFY is suitable for you. For the Donors who are looking for someone to support, we created a seamless platform with an ability to transfer funds without an account. No worries, your hard earn money will not be wasted since all the Fundraisers and their Fund Drives are screened for Authenticity before Posting by our Moderators.

Animals & Pets

Everything related to Animal & Pets:
Adopt a homeless Dog. Donate to an Animal Foundation and sick pet, etc.

Animals & Pets

Government Agency & Community

For Government Agency & Community:
Donate to a Barangay, Municipality, Department of Social Welfare, etc.

Government Agency & Community

Hospitals & Health Workers

Everything related to Hospitals and Workers:
Donate to a Public Hospital. Assist PPEs Supply donation to Health Workers, etc.

Hospitals & Health Workers

Kids & Family

Everything related to Kids and Family Welfare like:
Donate to Parents without Income due to COVID-19. Support homeless Kids, Elderly, etc.

Kids & Family

Medical & Health

Everything related to Medical & Health like:
Support for Hospitalization due to COVID-19, Dialysis, Heart Operation, Dengue, etc.

Medical & Health

Non-Profit & Charity

For all non-Profit Foundations and Agencies helping Kids, Family, Animals, etc., give your Fundraising Drives a boost.

Non-Profit & Charity

Why choose CAREFY Fundraising?

Designed for the Vulnerable

We build the CAREFY Platform to cater the masses by allowing sending of funds thru Money and Bank Transfer. Our Platform accepts Credit Cards thru Paypal for convenience.

Strict Fundraiser Qualification

We are applying the same screening Standards used by the Government to eliminate posers. Only 1 CAREFY Account per Family and 1 fund drive can be published to prevent abuse.

Fundraising that Deliver

It start with Trust built by the strict Fundraisers Qualification Program, followed by a good Fund Drive. Our Online Fundraising Form and Moderators will help you make a Fund drive.

Forever Free & Easy to Use

Unlike the other Fundraising platform, CAREFY is Free Forever and no Ads. It’s Easy – just Register, fill out the online form and we will publish it immediately. Donors can Donate without having a Financial Account.

Unlimited Donation & Excellent Support

You can use CAREFY for as long as you need it. We understand that some Financial aids are recurring like Tuition fee, etc.. Our technical support is ready to serve you thru the Contact Form.

Most Secure, Fastest & Search Optimized

The Platform has A+ SecurityFastest (A100%) and Search Engine Optimized (97). This means Google will rank your fund drive higher.